Sunday, 12 June 2011

To the people hating on all the Gears games looking the same.

So, i'm seeing all over forums and comments on videos saying that the particular person won't bother with another Gears game, because it all looks the same, visually and with gameplay. I'll give reasons why this sort of statement is unjustified for both.


To the left is a comparison picture of Gears one, and Gears two. This is a multi-player map, but i'm only using this as an example to explain the Visual stuff.

To start things off, lets look at the color scheme. Don't be hating on the Gears games for that sole reason. Obviously, the Gears world is being torn to pieces, and things are going to get a little dull. The game is supposed to look gritty, with the most common colors being brown, grey and green. The developers aren't just going to change the playable area to bright blue skies and lush green fields. No, the gritty look of the game is obviously important to establish the setting and general feel for the game. Don't act surprised when they don't brighten things up.

Above: Splinter Cell Conviction
Below: Gears Of War 2

 Now, for the less shallow minded people that know a thing or two about game engines. There are a lot of people that say the Unreal Engine's games all produce the same appearance. That's ridiculous. The Unreal Engine has been used on a LOT of games, including the Splinter Cell games, Ghost Recon games, and even the Leisure Suit Larry games!

Now, none of you can tell me that they look similar to Gears Of War. Hell, even LucasArts has signed on for another Star Wars game to use the Unreal Engine. Let's hope it's Star Wars Battlefront III!

Anyways, to expect Epic Games to change the Gears Of War appearance is ridiculous. They have a story to tell, and they can expect to finish the story the way they intended it.


For those people who are complaining about these games having the same gameplay every time, my advice for you would be, deal with it. You can complain all you want, but no matter how much you try, Epic Games isn't going to provide you with a completely new gameplay style at the end of their trilogy. All that's asking is a completely new game, with a Gears Of War skin. No, just no.

If however, you're referring to the multi-player aspect of Gears, it's reasonable to ask something new and innovative of EG, which i think has been delivered upon in Gears 3. My example for this being, the new horde mode, which allows you to play as the Special Locust, such as the ticker.

For whoever reads this, what do you think? Am i reasonable to think all of this? I mean, obviously this post isn't targeted at people who dislike Gears Of War, but more so people that are turned off because of it's appearance in sequel games, compared to the original, and people who come to expect a sequel game to be completely different in terms of gameplay. Two completely unjustified reasons for disliking a perfectly good game.

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