Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Borderlands 2; What i'd like to see, and what i wouldn't.

So we all know how much of an amazing game Borderlands is. Well, most of us. It's a Sandbox Action RPG, and an amazing one at that. Since this games epic success, it can only be assumed that we're gonna get a sequel. This brings up the question; How can Borderlands be improved? I have some thoughts on what would be good, and what wouldn't, but keep in mind they are personal opinion! Some of these ideas could be completely ridiculous to you, like i've seen with other peoples ideas..

I don't mind if any, or all, of these aren't included. Gearbox made an amazing game, and will do so again. I have no doubt about it!

A Change of Scenery

For those of you who have played Borderlands, you would more than likely agree with me here. The whole "Desert wasteland complete with mountains of trash, and buildings made out scrap metal and rusted up corrugated iron" thing gets a little old. (Reminds me of a place I'm a little scared of..)

How about we travel to a new planet? Complete with different scenery and different support characters. I don't mind the main characters, I actually love Mordecai. This could also provide opportunities to throw in a few more groups of enemies too.

Sorry buddy, but i don't think the water is gonna come back on. Ever.

Skill Trees

I'd love to see the skill trees make a return, but to be honest, they didn't seem to make much of a difference to the gameplay. They did, to a degree, but when a similar level Hunter joins my game, i find it a little hard to tell the difference in gameplay between them both.

Perhaps adding maybe 2 more sections to the Skill Tree, simply to change things up a bit. For example, Mordecai has 3 sections to his Skill Tree:
  • Sniper: Obviously helps level his abilities with Snipers.
  • Rogue: Grants new abilities for his Pet Bird, Bloodwing.
  • Gunslinger: Grants new abilities for the Pistols.

Perhaps the two we could add could be:
  • Blademaster: Mordecai uses a Blade for his melee attack, so perhaps this tree could simply be to level his melee skills, or add abilities to his blade.
  • Team-player: This section should focus on giving the team extra bonuses and whatnot. An EXP boost when an enemy is killed, or increased bullet damage for specific weapon types whenever you're in the game. Borderlands already features this stuff, but the team relies on Roland for this kind of support too much.

Added Loot System and Same Amount of Guns

This is where Borderlands really shines. It's essentially the whole point of the game. The core game alone has over 17,500,000 variations of weapons. That's epic! They could be varied in appearance a little more, but who's complaining?

This is Borderlands in a nutshell. Seriously.

What i really want though, is for Gearbox to make it a little more difficult to mod weapons. With literally millions of weapons to find, i honestly don't see why people feel the need to make a gun that can fire 1,000,000 bullets per second that do 1,000,000 damage each. The point of the game is to find the equipment to make you better than everything, not mod a gun that can beat anything. It's literally the first question we ask when someone joins our game. "Do you have anything modded?" "Yes?" *Boot*

Also, a great idea would be Armor Loot. I know there is already Shield Loot, but Armor Loot could add in more amazing factors. Like, depending on what part of the body you're shooting, the Armor equipped would play a role in how much damage that body part takes. It could also factor in the armor customization element, which would set you apart from other players.

A Better Dueling System

Dueling was fun in Borderlands, but it got stale quickly. Especially when the person you were dueling was a slightly higher level than you. What made it really fun though, was leveling up the characters, and fighting to decide who is the best one.

There needs to be some way to make it more interesting. Something that would help us find the motivation to get the "Win 1,000 Duels" Challenge (I've only won 14). Perhaps making money not-so-easily attainable, and then having the players betting money, or loot, to see who can win. That would be enough motivation for me during the first half of a game!

A Way To Tell How Much Money You Have

In Borderlands, you can max out your money legitimately by selling every weapon that you come across and don't want. Maxing it out means getting the counter stuck on $9999999. Fairly easy, but annoying because you can't tell exactly how much you have.

Although, there is a challenge for "Earning $9,999,999", though the game has glitched for me, and it's counting downwards. My progress so far? Well, it says i have earned -$2,140,883,184. I owe some dirty pandorian a lot of money..

Character Customization

So far we can add up to 3 colors to a pre-designed character. Woo.

Well, I'd like to see a decent character design system, where you select a class, then design a character within the guidelines for the class. That way, there won't be any ridiculous character designs, but each one will be personalized to the player's preference! Sounds amazing, right?

The Same Humor As The Knoxx DLC

I don't literally laugh at games very often, especially when I'm playing them alone (What's the point?), but The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx had me in stitches for a lot of it. I mean, the core game was ok, but that DLC was amazing. Use that as a guideline, and the next game could be freakin' hilarious!

No Gun Creating

Seriously guys. Come on.

A Choice of Active Skills

Right now, it's one action skill per character. Why not have a choice of 3? That would change the gameplay enough to make each character individual. It'll also add a lot more replay value to the game, as if it could have any more replay value than it already does!

There are probably a lot more, but no more came to mind whilst typing this. What do you people think? Good ideas? Bad? Tell me what you want to see in the game. It's coming. Randy Pitchford let it slip during a Gearbox Community event. He knew it, and judging by the expression on his face, it was a big mistake. Developers read forums and blogs as well. It doesn't mean your idea will even be slightly considered, but let it be known anyways!

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